Access cash today
from your home’s equity

We invest in a portion of your home’s value. You continue to live in your home, with zero debt added and no monthly payments, ever.

Unlock your home’s value to get cash right now – up to $300,000

We are investors alongside you and benefit when your home value appreciates. Continue living in your home while taking some money off the table.

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Invest In Your Business

Buy a Second Home

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What our customers are saying

Mario S.
Mario S.
Cash for Home Construction Projects
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"We have been delaying a new home roof for 5 years because we don't want to move and didn't have that kind of extra cash. HomeFunds allowed us cash for the project, and I am grateful to them."
Ricardo M.
Ricardo M.
Used Cash Proceeds to Consolidate Debts
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“HomeFunds really solved two problems for us - My wife is really attached to our home so we can stay and we also finally pay off some credit cards....I have been making the minimum payments but could never really pay it off...we couldn’t just keep living that way. [Our] credit score actually jumped 30 points..”
Connie B.
Connie B.
Used Proceeds to Invest in her Business
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“The last few years were frustrating because I knew I could grow my business if I could access more cash. Business loans are impossible these days.”
John T.
John T.
Wanted cash without a new monthly payment
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“I liked how it doesn’t weigh me down even more with the monthly payments, because they invested in my house...I sleep better the less people I owe money to.”
Marsha J.
Marsha J.
Didn't quality for traditional loan options
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“We lived in the same home for 10 years and have all this equity on paper...Let me tell you-having lots of equity and no cash is overrated. The banks don’t qualify my income and my credit score was ok but not great. This option lets me access some of my equity, and now I have more breathing room.”
Jessica P.
Jessica P.
Dream vacation
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“They get you the cash really fast. For a HELOC, it was 20 pages of applications and I could tell it would be months to close the deal, if it was gonna happen at all. This is different and was a really easy process.”

Here's how it works

Get Access to Your Home’s Equity Without Selling Your Home.
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HomeFunds pays you cash today,

to be used however you like, in exchange for a portion of your home’s equity.

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When your home appreciates, we share in the gain,

and we may share in the loss if it depreciates in value.

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We invest alongside homeowners,

ensuring that our interests are aligned.

The Benefits

No debt. No monthly payments.
No interest.

Because HomeFunds is an investor in your home, there are no monthly loan payments and no added debt. Better yet, HomeFunds cash often frees homeowners to pay down actual debts, improving your cash flow and financial well-being.

Easy qualification - we are not a rigid bank. Lower credit scores ok.

Since we are not a bank and this is not a loan, our qualification criteria is different. We have more flexibility to work with you.

Continue to live in & enjoy your home.

Get cash in your pocket while continuing to live in your home. Best of both worlds.

Keep a low property tax basis.

Since you are not selling a majority stake of your home, most states allow you to keep the same property tax basis.

Fast funding & different property types.

We invest in Single Family Residences, Rentals, Condos, Apartments and Townhomes. Funding within days.

Repay us when it makes the most sense for you.

Pay us back up to 10 years later. We are investors alongside you.

The Process

Step By Step


Get An Estimate

You request an Investment and can get instant pre-approval and learn how much funding is available. Pre-approval is absolutely free, does not affect your credit score & takes under a minute.


Send an Application

Fill out an application and upload documentation so that we can finalize your offer. Speak with a home investment manager who can answer any questions.


Set up Your Home Appraisal

Schedule a third party, independent appraisal to inspect your home to determine its current value. This is used to prepare an Investment Offer.


Sign Closing Documents & Receive Your Funds

Depending on your home’s value & your submitted application, we will determine your funding amount & the percentage of your home’s equity you’re agreeing to exchange for a HomeFunds investment.

A 3% – 5% transaction fee and escrow fee will be deducted. We will then file a transaction record with the County Recorder. Once you accept your Investment Offer, we will wire your funds to you.


We are Paid Later

Within the next 10 years, you can buy out the HomeFunds investment – most commonly through a home sale or refi – and we are then automatically paid from the escrow proceeds. We are investors alongside you, and you remain in the driver’s seat. Sell when you are ready.